Australia might have more to offer than you think.

Today is Easter Sunday. In these modern times, that means firing up all your
messengers and wishing everyone of your friends and family members a happy

Actually I didn't have to message everyone individually, since most of my
family members and friends are organized in groups. And one of those groups
contains my aunt and my uncle (both paternal). My uncle is living in Sydney,
Australia. He met his wife, who was born in Australia, two decades ago and
married her about 15 years ago here in Germany. And about 10 years ago they
emigrated to Australia together. By now they have two wonderful daughters.

So after we wished each other a happy easter, we talked a bit about our plans
for the holidays. Right here in Germany was midnight, but my uncle and his
family were busy preparing for their easter trip. Time shift can be confusing.
I went to sleep, and after waking up I got back in touch with them again.
While I was "examining my eyelids for inner injuries" (as my father always
says), my uncle and family had made a roadtrip to a place called
(almost 400 km). They then used a ski lift to get up to a mountain called
where they spent another few hours doing some hiking. Again, time shift **is**

So other group members (and I) asked for some photos. And they made some. And
sent it over. I was shocked.

Thinking about Australia, what comes to your mind? The outback? Beaches? Cities?
Coastline and coral reefs? Yes, those were my associations too. But then I saw
those pictures: massive mountains (sometimes even with snow), endless forrests,
rivers and waterfalls and never-ending grasslands. I had not expected that.

I guess I just underestimated the diversity Australia has to offer. But I won't
do that mistake again. You should never assume what another place or country has
and does not have to offer.

I had already planned to visit my uncle at some point. But now I know when I
finally come around actually doing it, there's a lot of things he can show me
down under. And I'm excited for it.