Great Python books you can read online for free!

I recently stumbled accross a book on amazon called *Automate the Boring Stuff
with Python*. As it turns out, that book was written by a guy called **Al
Sweigart**. And not only that, but Mr. Sweigart also has his own
[blog](https://alsweigart.com/). A great guy!

Now on his blog he does - of course - advertise for his own books. Yes, he has
written quite a bit of stuff in his life. And after reading a handful of
chapters here and there, I can also tell you that guy knows what he's talking
about. And he knows how to teach that stuff. So if you are interested in some
of the topics he has written something about: give it a try! I don't think
you'll regret it.

But here comes the best part of all: You can read __all__ his books
__for free__. Yes, each chapter comes on its own webpage, so you kind of have to
click yourself through. But you know what? If you actually read one of his
books, say the aforementioned
[Automate the Boring Stuff with Python](https://automatetheboringstuff.com/),
you might find chapter 12 very interesting, since it teaches how to
automagically download entire web-archives.