How would society look like if people laid eggs?

Humans are mammals, you probably knew that. But have you ever wondered how
(modern) society would look like if people were oviparous?

Imagine a world where women, instead of having their period every 28 days, would
instead lay an egg. In regard to the size of a typical human, those eggs would
most likely land between a tennis ball and a small coconut (the wooden, inner
part without the green/white stuff around it).

Like, imagine a young couple who wants to get "pregnant" (or pregananant?). So,
they would make love and then, like two weeks later ... she would lay an egg.
They'd probably take it to some special type of hospital specifically designed
for breeding and hatching? Or do you think there would be special
"egg equipment" one could buy, just like baby strollers today? And then
breed and hatch it at home?

There would probably be criminals that steal eggs... oh god there would be a
black market for human eggs for sure.

Who knows, there might be a website where women sell their unfertilized eggs?
I'm certain some men would develop a fetish for those...

And what about abortions? I mean, technically a woman would just need to get
rid of a little ball, right? Throwing away an egg is a piece of cake compared
to an official medical appointment. Or do you think there would be laws against
this? Maybe the eggs would be publicly collected and inspected? And if you're
a woman and can't deliver this month's egg ... jail?

There could genuinely be kidnappers that steal your egg and demand money for it

I find it rather funny to imagine a world with eggs. Like, you are entering a
bus in the middle of the city, and there are multiple women sitting inside with
their eggholders in front of their belly keeping their little eggs cozy and
warm. That picture somehow makes me smile.