Hello World!

**Hello World!**

Well, here we are. My very first blog post. But how does it come I actually just
started **now** with blogging?

So, about a month ago I stumbled over
[this post](https://rubenerd.com/starting-a-blog-and-unoriginal-ideas/). And
while I thought about creating my own little blog many times in the past, and
definitely for several years, this post gave me the final push to actually try
it. Just because you worry that nobody is going to visit your blog, and all the
hard work you've put in was just wasted for nothing, that shouldn't be a reason
to quit. I guess it's the same feeling people have when opening a YouTube
channel or any other social media type of web presence (although this is a blog,
and **not** social media).

Honestly so far I have absolutely no idea what type of content I'm going to
upload to this site. I guess if anything comes along in my daily life and I feel
like writing about it, I'll just go for it. So it might just be a mixture of
everything. Time will tell.

At least I do have a place now where I can just share my opinion on something.
And maybe (hopefully) I can also put up some knowledge of mine and help some of
you guys, wherever and whenever you are...